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 GODESON Presta Tire Pressure Gauge

GODESON Presta Tire Pressure Gauge

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Product description

1.Legible 2.0’’ dail with the special chuck for PRESTA TIRE VALVES only. This presta pressure gauge can not work for the Schrader valves. More easy and more professional reading the tire pressure; suitbale for road cycling
2.With Reliable Bourden tube mechanism,this bicycle presta valve pressure gauge keep goods performance in most temperature, altitude, or humidity, and no batteries are required;
3.Pressure range from 0 to 160psi/ 0 to 11bar –this bike presta tire pressure gauge has dual scale with English and Metric,easy to operate for different people;
4.With Air bleeder button,the presta valve tire pressure gauge can hold the pressure. Easily read the pressure value. If the gauge can't hold the readings, pls rotate the button; because it can drop off the small particle which stucked inside and lead air leak.
5.Gear Style Rubber -durable rubber cover protects presta valve air gauge from drops & knocks. Meanwhile good touch feeling. Avoid Violent Shocks. Contact us for solution if unaccuracy of the readings

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